Sept 1, 2017

NBAA’s Leadership Council reached a record-high membership level in 2017, with more than 130 member companies benefiting from top-level staff briefings about political issues that may affect their businesses, including the proposed ATC privatization legislation.

During one such meeting with NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen in February, members were informed about the association’s advocacy efforts on behalf of business aircraft operators. The investment made by Leadership Council members boosts these efforts, such as the No Plane No Gain campaign, ensuring they continue to effectively convey the industry’s value to policymakers.

“The briefings create robust discussion allowing the Leadership Council to better understand the key issues and how they are being addressed,” said John Witzig, vice president of corporate aviation for Leadership Council member Pfizer.

“I include relevant information from these briefings in my regular conversations with executive leadership so that we are informed and aware of issues that may affect our operation and aligned on how we want to address these challenges,” he added. “This level of engagement between our company, flight department and NBAA is an especially important component of our value proposition.”