Nov. 1, 2015

NBAA’s Leadership Council was formed about five years ago as a means for members to make an added investment to help NBAA accomplish its mission of promoting business aviation.

Alaska Aerofuel has been an NBAA Leadership Council member for just over a year, but Jacqueline Dispoto, director of marketing for the Fairbanks FBO, is already seeing value in participating on the council.

“It’s been wonderful to know that the council wants everyone’s opinions and strives to represent the wide scope of the industry,” said Dispoto, who has attended several council meetings and returned to her office personally energized and full of infor-mation to share with colleagues. “The NBAA Leadership Council empowers us to have a stake in the issues and events that shape business aviation.”

The Leadership Council’s 100-plus members understand the importance of promoting business aviation.

For us, the Leadership Council provides an opportunity to show our support for the talented team of professionals at NBAA and provide resources as they work to keep business aviation strong, safe and accessible,” said Doug Schwartz, ConocoPhillips’ manager of global aviation services. “We enjoy the communications and recognition from NBAA for our membership, but that is secondary to the opportunity for us to show our leadership as a flight department.”

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen commended Leadership Council members, noting, “Their support enables NBAA to spread a message of efficiency and economic growth to the public in ways we otherwise would not have been able to accomplish.”

NBAA’s convention is a perfect reason to sign up and get your company visibility at the largest business aviation show in the world. Learn more at the NBAA events page.