January 13, 2009

Dear NBAA Member Representatives,

As you know, the business aviation community has been challenged from a number of corners in recent weeks. Last Friday, NBAA notified Member companies of an alarming provision included in a House proposal to amend the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) that would require all businesses receiving TARP funds to immediately divest of business aircraft. The proposal had the potential to severely harm businesses trying to navigate the unforgiving economic climate, and fuel job losses for countless people in the general aviation community.

NBAA is pleased to report that earlier this afternoon, this harmful provision was removed from the House proposal. The House may approve the final version of the bill as early as tomorrow.

Clearly, this is an issue where the business aviation community effectively made its voice heard and its concerns known to elected officials. NBAA has long said that efforts by the Association in Washington are most effective if its Members also reach out to Congress. Using NBAA’s Contact Congress resource, Association Members explained to their elected officials the value of business aviation as a mode of transportation, the numerous jobs associated with it and the critical role it plays in communities across the U.S.

My thanks to all those in NBAA’s Membership who used Contact Congress to send Congress an unequivocal message of opposition to the TARP proposal. The messages to Congress, which were sent from all across the country, provided a single, unified voice on an issue we knew was of critical importance to our industry, especially in these challenging economic times. Today’s outcome demonstrates that when we make our concerns known to our elected representatives, we can help shape a positive agenda for the business aviation community.

Ed Bolen,
President and CEO,
National Business Aviation Association