July 15, 2011

Dear Aviation Professional,

As Congress and the White House negotiate over the nation’s deficit and debt ceiling, the business aviation community has cause for alarm. I’m sending this message to explain the situation, and what steps our industry must take to confront it.

As the debate continues, some policymakers insist that any debt-ceiling deal must include new revenues, while others remain opposed to tax increases. What appears to be evident from this standstill is a growing emphasis around fees. We are very concerned that as a result of this situation, aviation user fees could re-emerge, despite the fact that our community has made a compelling case against them to Congress, and after thorough examination, both chambers of Congress have elected not to propose new aviation user fees, instead opting to build on the proven, efficient general aviation fuel tax for aviation system funding and modernization.

In order to reinforce our point that fuel taxes are a better mechanism than user fees, we need you to alert your representatives in Congress today [form closed]. NBAA has developed a new message for the association’s online Contact Congress resource. This is the advocacy tool people and companies in our industry have effectively used to oppose user fees in the past; by using this resource now, you can help us remind Congress of our continued opposition to user fees.

Please take action on this issue today by sending using Contact Congress to alert your officials to this serious concern. Thank you for your advocacy on the industry’s behalf, and for your continued support for NBAA.

Ed Bolen
President and CEO
National Business Aviation Association