June 2, 2020

Dear NBAA Member Companies,

We at NBAA are deeply saddened by recent tragic events, and the very real divisions that threaten our ability to move forward as one nation. The high ideals of our country’s founding challenge us to be relentless in pursuing fairness, equality and justice for all. Today, it is clear that the social distance in our country is greater than six feet; we remain a long way from the perfect union we aspire to be. We can and must do more, and do better.

At a time when pain is palpable everywhere, NBAA is committed to the values that bind us together. With a renewed sense of purpose and urgency, we will work to enhance the diversity, inclusion, fairness and equality within our association, and the business aviation community.

Read NBAA’s Statement on Diversity and Inclusion in its entirety.


Ed Bolen and NBAA’s Board of Directors