NBAA Update – Dec. 2, 2019

In This Issue: NBAA offers tips to mitigate insurance rate hikes and more.

NBAA Update

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NBAA Update Dec. 2 2019

NBAA Offers Tips to Mitigate Insurance Rate Hikes
Business aircraft operators are seeing sharp hikes to their insurance premiums when it comes time to renew their coverage or insure a new aircraft. However, there are steps they can take to minimize those increases. “Invite your underwriter to your facility and instill in them your flight department’s safety culture,” said Mike Nichols, CAM, CAE, NBAA senior vice president of strategy and innovation. “Highlight your safety culture, compliance with IS-BAO, safety management systems and your training proficiency, including recurrent and additional training.” Learn more.

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NBAA Members: Weigh In With FAA on Denver, Las Vegas Airspace Revisions
NBAA is encouraging members and other business aviation stakeholders to make their voices heard as the FAA continues with its Metroplex optimization programs across the United States, most recently with the issuance of its final environmental assessment (EA) for the Denver Metroplex project and a draft EA for planned rerouting efforts over Las Vegas, NV. The Denver and Las Vegas projects are among 12 metroplex initiatives spearheaded by the agency to convert existing STAR and SID procedures over large metropolitan areas to performance-based navigation utilizing area navigation procedures. Learn more.

Podcast: Holidays Are a Time to Show Employees You Care
Holidays provide an opportunity to show appreciation to employees for the work they’ve done during the year to help your company succeed. “It’s about being thoughtful,” said NBAA Chief People Officer Annemarie Oxman, noting appreciation can come in the form of a handwritten note or an off-site gathering. Hear more tips for making the holidays special in this week’s NBAA Flight Plan podcast, featuring Oxman and NBAA Director, Meeting Experience Chris Cherkis. Listen to this week’s NBAA Flight Plan podcast.

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Alabama Airport Evolving to Better Meet Needs of Business, Community
To better serve businesses and the community, Alabama’s Thomasville Airport will transition to a regional airport known as the Southwest Alabama Regional Airport. “It’s long been understood that companies looking to invest in an area want to be close to an airport to transport employees, potential customers and move goods in and out of the region,” said NBAA Southeast Regional Representative Greg Voos.

EASA Amends Rules Related to Landing Performance, Safety Equipment and More
The European Commission recently amended Regulation No. 965/2012, which includes requirements for landing performance calculations and runway surface condition assessments, operations without holding an extended range mission approval and certain aircraft safety equipment requirements.

Winter Is Coming: Review NBAA’s TALPA Resources
The Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) system helps aircraft operators assess the conditions of contaminated runways. It incorporates the runway condition matrix that airport operators use to assign runway condition codes of between zero and six for each third of the runway. Higher numbers represent more favorable conditions, based on objective measurements of the type and amount of surface contamination.

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Creative Employers Are Using Incentives to Keep Valued Employees

As some business aircraft pilots continue to pursue what they believe to be greener pastures with the airlines, business aviation employers are increasingly looking to new incentive programs and implementing other job-related benefits to attract and retain qualified professionals. Read more in Business Aviation Insider.

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