NBAA Update: FAA Sets Policy for ADS-B Non-Compliance

In This Issue: FAA Issues Policy for Non-Compliant Operations in ADS-B Airspace and more.

NBAA Update

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FAA Issues Policy for Non-Compliant Operations in ADS-B Airspace
The FAA recently issued a statement of policy for pilots of aircraft not equipped with ADS-B Out after Jan. 1, 2020, to receive ATC authorization to fly in ADS-B airspace. However, the agency emphasized the policy is not an alternative to equipage. “The policy is very clear: these per-flight authorizations should absolutely not be viewed as a backup option to ADS-B or justification for not equipping,” said Heidi Williams, NBAA director, air traffic services and infrastructure. “Such authorizations are primarily intended for operators awaiting their scheduled ADS-B installation past the Jan. 1, 2020, deadline.” Read more about the FAA policy.

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NBAA, EBAA Counter Newspaper’s Portrayal of Business Aviation
A recent article published in The Economist mischaracterizes the tax policies that impact business aviation, as well as the environmental impact of the industry. “For years, economists and other experts have agreed that accelerated depreciation encourages companies to invest in modern and more fuel-efficient equipment,” noted NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen and European Business Aviation Association Secretary General Athar Husain Khan. “Second, aircraft carbon emissions [from business aviation] actually account for less than 1 percent of all transportation emissions.” Read the full letter to the editor.

Operators: Airports Begin Alcohol Testing During Ramp Inspections
In recent meetings with the European Aviation Safety Agency, NBAA officials learned that authorities are beginning to test pilots for alcohol consumption during ramp inspections at airports around the globe. “We will work to determine pilots’ rights in these situations, and continue communication with the regulating bodies to provide as much information as possible to our members,” said Brian Koester, NBAA senior manager, flight operations and regulations. Read more about the testing.


Pilots: Consider Taking an Eye Test Before an Aviation Medical Exam
While only aviation medical examiners can conduct certain exams, such as a cardiovascular exam, with FAA Form 8500-7 – Report of Eye Evaluation – pilots can have their ophthalmologist or optometrist perform their eye exam.

Podcast: Plan Ahead When Needing to Clear Customs
Flying to an international destination often requires detailed preparations, but returning to the U.S. requires separate planning. “One of the things that we always do is hold a pre-trip briefing with all of those involved,” said Greg Kulis, a pilot and security coordinator for a large flight department in the Midwest. “Everybody has a role in that pre-trip planning.”

NBAA Discusses Ramp Inspections with EASA
Representatives from NBAA recently met with officials from the European Aviation Safety Agency to discuss Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) inspections of U.S.-registered business aircraft operating in Europe. The discussions included the ongoing Minimum Equipment List issue, concerns with U.S. licenses and other frequent SAFA findings.

April 15 Deadline to Participate in NBAA Compensation Survey
The NBAA Compensation Survey is a fundamental tool available to business aviation, which provides participants with a comprehensive picture of aviation department/function makeup and compensation packages. The survey results are provided at no cost to participants, and are available for purchase for members who do not participate.

Before an Overseas Trip, Review Immunization RecordsBusiness Aviation Insider 
Flight Crews: Before an Overseas Trip, Review Immunization Records

Regardless of the international destination, NBAA recommends that all crews and passengers planning to fly overseas review their immunization records prior to departure. “This review should be a standard item of international preflight preparations,” said Doug Carr, NBAA vice president of regulatory and international affairs. Learn more about vaccination recommendations for overseas travel in Business Aviation Insider.

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