NBAA Update – July 1, 2019

In This Issue: FAA Heads Toward Development of Supersonic Flight Regs and more.

NBAA Update

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NBAA Update

FAA Heads Toward Development of Supersonic Flight Regs
As a growing number of manufacturers explore the potential market for supersonic aircraft, including business aviation applications, the FAA recently announced two upcoming notices of proposed rulemaking to help develop this emerging industry sector. “The U.S. Department of Transportation and the FAA are committed toward the safe and environmentally sound research and development of supersonic aircraft,” FAA Acting Administrator Daniel Elwell said earlier this month. Read more.

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‘Progressive’ Stage 3 Coming Soon to IS-BAO
The International Business Aviation Council is establishing a “Progressive Stage 3” option for IS-BAO in which operators will comply with the same protocols as other Stage 3 operators, but will demonstrate compliance in a different manner. “Operators were looking for evolution for mature safety programs,” said Bennet Walsh, IS-BAO’s programme director. “Maybe there is no Stage 4, but there are options to the traditional audit model.” Learn more about the Progressive Stage 3 option for IS-BAO.

Aviation Stakeholders Emphasize Importance of ‘Flying Neighborly’ at HTO
NBAA encourages operators flying to or from East Hampton Airport (HTO) to “fly neighborly,” and become familiar with a number of changes to the noise abatement procedures for this season, which are in effect to mitigate noise for communities surrounding the embattled airport. “Operators are acting in good faith with the voluntary curfew,” said Jeff Smith, vice president of operations for the Eastern Region Helicopter Council and chair of NBAA’s Access Committee. Read more about operating at HTO.

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NBAA Realigns Regional Representatives Program
NBAA is trimming the number of regions from seven to six and reconfiguring those areas to better match the FAA’s regions and service areas. The former Central Region, which was represented by the retiring Bob Quinn, will be eliminated and split up among the new regions.

New Resource Establishes ‘The Case for Business Aviation’
A new resource published by the No Plane No Gain campaign combines real-world examples of the value that business aircraft offers with proven data demonstrating how business aviation helps save time, increase productivity and provide efficiencies. “The bottom line is that business aviation is a vital tool for companies of all sizes,” the resource states.

Traffic Management Initiatives Expected for Friedman Memorial Airport Event July 9-14
The annual Friedman Memorial Airport Event is scheduled for July 9-14 in Hailey, ID. Significant air traffic demand is expected at Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) in Hailey, ID during this time. Due to possible parking constraints, it is recommended that operators contact Atlantic Aviation at SUN as early as possible to provide arrival and departure plans.

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Mitigating the Risks of Drone Integration Into the National Airspace System

The presence of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the National Airspace System continues to increase, with the proliferation of recreational, first responder, commercial and other applications. As UAS use increases, so does the importance of safe integration into an air traffic management system originally designed for manned aircraft. Learn more in the July/August issue of Business Aviation Insider.

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