NBAA Update – June 10, 2019

In This Issue: Bolen Tells JetNet Panel: Business Aviation Meets Challenges Through Unity and more.

NBAA Update

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NBAA Update

Bolen Tells JetNet Panel: Business Aviation Meets Challenges Through Unity
In recent comments delivered at the annual JetNet iQ Global Business Aviation Summit, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen pointed to the need for the industry to address the challenge of attracting and retaining professionals through collective unity and innovation. “It is an exciting time filled with opportunity, and when we recognize the challenge, come together and work in a coordinated and communicative manner, we get a lot accomplished,” he said. Watch a video and read more of Bolen’s remarks.

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As Flight Service Evolves, Changes Coming to Clearance Delivery and HIWAS
Two recent changes highlight the ongoing evolution of flight service resources available to business aviation pilots. Later this month, the FAA will complete its Clearance Relay initiative, which is intended to streamline clearance delivery procedures at uncontrolled airports. The agency also announced discontinuation of the Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service in the contiguous U.S. later this year. Read more about these changes.

SMO Launches Pavement Removal Project
Nighttime closures will begin this month at Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO) as crews start removing pavement from the ends of the airfield’s shortened runway. “Santa Monica officials continue to act irresponsibly by wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on a project that has no benefit, and which only reduces the safety and disaster relief capabilities of their community’s airport,” said Alex Gertsen, NBAA director for airports and ground infrastructure. Read more about the SMO project.

4 Months until BACE2019

FAA Seeks Companies Eager to Innovate in UAS Operations
With unmanned aircraft systems becoming an ever-increasing part of the National Airspace System, the FAA launched two initiatives emphasizing safety and innovation in the continuing evolution of this fast-developing market segment. Also announced was the creation of National Drone Safety Awareness Week.

Bolen’s Op-Ed: Business Aviation Invaluable in White Plains
In a June 5 op-ed published by NYC Aviation, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen noted that Westchester County Airport, which hosted last week’s NBAA Forum, supports more than 6,000 jobs and accounts for nearly $736 million in economic output. The airport also contributes more than $72 million in state and local taxes, helping fund the public programs that New Yorkers rely on most.

Final 2019 NBAA Regional Forum Season Ends on High Note in White Plains
The final 2019 NBAA Regional Forum broke records with about 3,200 attendees coming out to New York’s Westchester County Airport (HPN) last week – the highest number of any NBAA Forum held in any location. “With a sold-out indoor exhibit hall of nearly 200 exhibitors and nearly 40 aircraft on static display, the White Plains forum was a great value to our members,” said Dina Green, NBAA vice president of events.

Podcast: Adopting a Data-Driven Approach to Business Aviation Safety
Every year, NBAA’s Safety Committee issues an updated list of Top Safety Focus Areas to promote safety-enhancing initiatives. “We try to be data-driven. We can look at things that have happened in business aviation mishaps and incidents and start there,” said Paul Ratte, a long-time NBAA Safety Committee member involved in developing this year’s safety priorities. Learn more about NBAA’s Top Safety Focus Areas.

New Federal Rule Bars Business Aircraft Flights to Cuba
A new federal rule that took effect last week prohibits several forms of travel to Cuba, including many business aircraft flights. The rule essentially removes the prior export exception that enabled private operators of U.S. registered aircraft to fly authorized travelers to Cuba.

BAI New HorizonsBusiness Aviation Insider 
The Strategic Use of Business Aviation

Longtime industry expert Pete Agur, founder and chair of The VanAllen Group, believes it is incumbent on aviation managers to take their department to the next level, beyond the efficient operations, which already support the company. “The leader of the aviation services group needs to be integrated into what’s going on downtown,” he said. “If you wait for them to come to you, it’s already too late.” Read more in the New Horizons column in Business Aviation Insider.

@MoonJetGroup - Moon Jet Group enjoyed attending NBAA Regional Forum in White Plains, NY today. Great seeing all of our friends from across the industry