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Business Aviation Innovating Faster Than Ever

The pace of change in business aviation is faster than ever, especially when it comes to the development of new transportation technologies. Some might think it counterintuitive, but we have witnessed these advancements not only during this COVID-19 moment, but in some cases, they have been accelerated because of the crisis.

For example, in response to the pandemic, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have been used in a variety of new ways, from mapping body temperatures with airborne infrared systems, to spraying disinfectant, to delivering medical supplies and lab test samples. We have also seen electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) manufacturers continue forward with their plans, noting not only the previously understood benefits of eVTOL transport for business efficiency and sustainability, but also the technology’s potential for limiting contact and achieving sanitization control.

“We are supporting our members’ ability to optimize their utilization of business aviation, even as the very definition of the sector continues to evolve.”

NBAA not only recognizes the rapid pace of technological change; we are helping facilitate it in ways that support our mission to foster the growth of business aviation worldwide.

Whether it’s our focus on technologies at our events, our participation in government-industry groups promoting NextGen, or even the formation of working groups like our Emerging Technologies Committee, we are supporting our members’ ability to optimize their utilization of business aviation, even as the very definition of the sector continues to evolve.

This also applies to the association’s communications channels. Our COVID moment calls for the introduction of new, digital means of communication to put essential information in your hands in the fastest, most convenient way possible.

NBAA’s new, all-digital version of Business Aviation Insider uses technology optimized for any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop or other technology. Equally important, it enables us to offer the magazine as a continually updating news hub, with resources and new features that have the information you need, during the pandemic and beyond. It’s appropriate that this annual, technology focused edition of the magazine features a New Horizons interview (page 38) with entrepreneur Cyrus Sigari, who offers his perspective on emerging aviation trends. (Similarly, look for our next New Horizons interview with Emerging Technologies Committee Chair Brad Hayden in the Sept./Oct. 2020 edition of the magazine).

Like the industry it represents, NBAA is always innovating and looking forward. Working together, we will continue building an industry that is positioned not just to survive the challenges of the moment, but to thrive in the years to come.

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