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Business Aviation: Always Evolving, Never Irreplaceable

One of business aviation’s great strengths is flexibility. Our community’s ability to change on the fly has proven invaluable during this pandemic, because COVID-19 has required all of us to adapt in ways that few could have anticipated.

Despite this unique challenge, many resourceful companies have found ways to protect and enhance their business aviation operations.

For example, American Electric Power, the NBAA member company profiled in this edition of the magazine, used its pandemic-induced downtime this spring to get ahead on training. By June, all nine of its pilots were type-rated in their new aircraft, even before it was delivered.

Similarly, aviation team members at Meredith Corp., featured in the July/August 2020 edition of Business Aviation Insider, pursued e-learning and virtual training while working from home. They also completed a tip-to-tail disinfection of their airplanes, including the application of an anti-microbial shield to inside surfaces. In addition, they instituted new operational procedures to minimize the likelihood that passengers, crews and support personnel could spread the virus. Meredith’s best practices, detailed in a Business Aviation Insider member profile, might be of value to your own operation.

Just as our members have leveraged COVID downtime for online and other opportunities, NBAA has looked to this moment to be your authoritative source for pandemic considerations.

Our NBAA News Hour webinars, NBAA Flight Plan podcasts and NBAA Insider Daily news service offer flight departments front-line guidance on operations in this new environment for everyone’s shared benefit. Please avail yourself of these resources, if you have not already.

Of course, nothing – not even the best online platforms – can completely replace face-to-face interactions with customers and business associates.

“Even people who use videoconferencing extensively say they would rather be in a room with clients.”

Even business people who use videoconferencing extensively say they would rather be in a room with their clients, especially for the most important meetings. That means that business aviation will continue to be what it always has been: essential.

As circumstances change and business aviation evolves to meet those changing conditions – in this COVID moment and afterward – NBAA will continue to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in your daily operations, while advocating for you with regulators, legislators and other government officials

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