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Business Aviation Insider Quick Poll: Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is a safe and reliable alternative to Jet A that helps reduce CO₂ output without negatively affecting aircraft performance, powerplant manufacturer warranties or engine maintenance programs. When blended with petroleum-based Jet A at prescribed levels, sustainable aviation fuels meet the same ASTM standard (D1655) as traditional jet fuel and are indistinguishable from the conventional petroleum-based product.

Despite recent advances, some barriers remain for widespread adoption of SAF within the business aviation community. Take the quick poll below to share what would help your operations begin to regularly use SAF.

Quick Poll

What factor will be the most important regarding your use of sustainable aviation fuel?
  • Alignment with corporate sustainability goals7.41%
  • Availability at destination airports31.48%
  • Recommended use by OEMs14.81%
  • Lower cost and tax incentives46.30%

September 20, 2021

Podcast: Helping the Industry Move Toward Sustainability

NBAA recently formed the Maintenance Committee's new Sustainability Subcommittee to help aviation managers identify and implement the best ways to reduce their operation's carbon footprint. Learn how to tap the subcommittee's expertise and other NBAA resources.
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September 17, 2021

NBAA-Backed SAF Blenders Tax Credit Advances in House of Representatives

In a key development on business aviation’s path to a sustainable future, the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee’s budget reconciliation proposal for the Build Back Better Act contains a sustainable aviation fuel blender’s tax credit, which will incentivize production of SAF to make it more accessible.
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September 14, 2021

NBAA’s Lucas Talks Resiliency, Sustainability of Business Aviation with Airport Reps

NBAA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Policy and Advocacy Christa Lucas shared business aviation’s perspective on the state of the general aviation industry at the Sept. 14, 2021, American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) General Aviation Conference.
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September 10, 2021

NBAA’s Bolen Underscores Bizav Support for SAF in White House Event

NBAA supports the Biden administration’s plans to advance the future of sustainable aviation fuels with aims to produce 3 billion gallons of SAF, reduce emissions by 20% by 2030 and create jobs.
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