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Resources: Technology

Technology is an ever-evolving resource for business aviation. Here are just some of the resources NBAA offers to help members stay on top of developments in technology and learn how to safely apply new technologies to their businesses.

Communications, Navigation & Surveillance

As new technologies have been developed, operators have made the necessary investments to incorporate required equipment into their aircraft. Learn about onboard technology such as ADS-B, RVSM, TCAS, ELTs, CVRs, FDRs and performance-based navigation.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) have many applications in business aviation. Read the latest from NBAA on UAS technology, safety and integration into the National Airspace System.

Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Learn about sustainable aviation fuels, which are designed to be efficient, “drop-in” renewable-source
alternatives to petroleum-based Jet A.

Advanced Air Mobility

Read the latest about how electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft will move people and cargo between places not currently or easily served by surface transportation or existing aviation modes.

Commercial Space

It is critical that NBAA and its members engage new industry segments such as commercial space to ensure safe integration with existing flight operations while encouraging innovation and new technology.

$15.3 billion - The projected size of the sustainable aviation fuel market by 2030. (Source:

What's New

Aircraft Export Guide

This members-only resource provides an overview of the regulations governing the export of aircraft from the United States.

Part 135 VCT Line Check Guide

This resource provides information for operators interested in accomplishing Part 135.299 line checks via the use of video and communications technology

By the Numbers: Advanced Air Mobility Strategy

A recent report, titled “Advanced Air Mobility: Can the U.S. Afford to Lose the Race?” discusses how U.S. aerospace companies are poised to lead the nascent global industry and concludes that a three-prong national strategy is needed to give the U.S. a competitive advantage:

  • Create a clear and conducive policy environment
  • Focus R&D on key technologies
  • Seek U.S. government investments and support to help build physical infrastructure
By 2023, the AAM market in the United Sates is expected to reach $115 billion per year and employ more than 230,000 people.

May/June 2022

Resources: Safety

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March/April 2022

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Jan/Feb 2022

Resources: Workforce Development

NBAA has developed numerous resources to help business aviation meet its current and future workforce challenges.
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Nov/Dec 2021

Resources: 2021 NBAA-BACE

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