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Resources: Safety

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

This resource offers the latest guidance and best practices regarding COVID-19 from medical specialists, operational authorities and other experts.

NBAA Top Safety Focus Areas

The Safety Committee has identified NBAA’s Top Safety Focus Areas for 2021-2022, setting priorities that support a greater commitment to business aviation safety.

Hangar and Ground Safety

This resource has information on aircraft ground damage prevention, the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handlers, OSHA compliance and fuel contamination.

Human Factors

This resource examines the interactions among aviation personnel, their environments and equipment.


This resource provides information on how to promote safety and support professional behavior.

Single-Pilot Operations

This resource includes various tools to help pilots learn to safely fly alone.

Training Guidelines for Single-Pilot Operations

This resource details NBAA-recommended training guidelines for jets that weigh 10,000 pounds or less and are certificated for single-pilot operations.

Airport Audit Tool

This resource helps operators identify potential airport hazards that are not readily apparent during a crew’s routine preflight preparations.

Safety Statistics

This web page provides accident numbers for the various aviation sectors.

What's New

New Management Guide Version

This updated resource reflects new guidance on numerous topics: industry ethics, dispatcher responsibilities, unmanned aerial systems, electronic flight bags and international operations.

IRS Expense Guide

This resource helps members interpret the latest IRS rules concerning expenses for personal meals as a non-entertainment activity, travel costs for trips involving entertainment and more.

By the Numbers: Top Safety Focus Areas

The NBAA Safety Committee has identified the association’s Top Safety Focus Areas for 2021-2022, highlighting a number of priorities in support of a greater commitment to business aviation safety standards. These 11 safety priorities, grouped into three areas – Address Preventable Accidents, Engage Unique Operational Concerns, and Identify and Implement Mitigation Strategies – are intended to help promote safety-enhancing discussions and initiatives within flight departments and among owner-flown operations.

Participate in the FAA Annual GA Survey

The FAA is in the midst of conducting its annual General Aviation and Part 135 Activity Survey, the only source of information for the agency to determine the ways people use recreational and business aircraft. The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete, so if you have been invited to participate, please fill it out so the FAA can better understand the impact of the GA industry on jobs and economic output, and determine investments in aviation infrastructure.

As always, participation in the GA Survey is confidential, with data aggregated into categories by a third party. Individually-identifiable responses are never shared with the FAA or any other organization. For more information, call 800-826-1797 or email

Congratulations to NBAA Flying Safety Award Winners

The following companies have reached milestones in aviation safety:

50-Year Award

Abbott Laboratories

60-Year Award

Avista Corp.
Kent Corp.
Nationwide Business Aviation Center

75 Year Award

Owens Corning

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