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Managing for the Long Run

We know that managing an aviation operation is a full-time job that demands focus, dedication and professionalism. That’s why we at NBAA are committed to addressing on your behalf the broad issues facing the industry.

The business aviation landscape has been changing rapidly in recent years, requiring managers to become adroit at responding to unforeseen developments (such as COVID-19), as well as long-term challenges, such as addressing workforce issues and determining how operators can best capitalize on new technologies like advanced air mobility.

NBAA stands ready to help members manage these evolving priorities, while continuing to do all the things that the association was originally founded to do – advocate for the industry with regulators, legislators and the public; provide technical assistance and resources to ensure safe, efficient flight operations; and promote business aviation.

“Not only is NBAA addressing tactical issues like proposed FAA rules, but the association is helping address strategic industry concerns, such as the need for qualified talent.”

For example, earlier this year, when facing a potentially burdensome electronic pilot records database (PRD) regulation, NBAA helped rally the industry’s response, resulting in some 800 comments being submitted to the FAA docket. That activism ultimately helped improve the final rule by exempting many operators from the more onerous reporting requirements.

In addition, NBAA has produced a comprehensive online resource to help operators meet the initial PRD compliance date of Sept. 8. Read the NBAA Pilot Records Database Resource Guide. The association also has produced an NBAA Flight Plan podcast on the subject to enable members to clearly understand their obligations under FAR Part 111. Listen to the Special Edition Podcast: The FAA Pilot Records Database Goes Live.

Not only is NBAA dealing with tactical issues like proposed FAA rules, but the association is helping address strategic concerns, such as the need for qualified talent. We are tackling workforce challenges on several fronts, including taking the lead on fostering diversity, equity and inclusion to attract people with different experiences and perspectives to our industry.

Likewise, NBAA has been a leader in reducing aviation’s carbon footprint, including a long-standing effort to expand the availability and use of sustainable aviation fuel, most recently by championing an SAF blender’s tax credit in federal legislation.

All these NBAA initiatives will be on display – along with cutting-edge aviation products and services – in Las Vegas, Oct. 12-14 at 2021 NBAA-BACE, an historic event that will bring our entire community together for the first time in two years.

Undoubtedly, our industry will face more challenges going forward, but I am confident that together we can overcome any hurdles that come our way.

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