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Resources: Management

Compensation Survey

NBAA’s invaluable financial planning tool provides detailed information about annual cash compensation, salary ranges and merit increases for those working in business aviation.

Management Guide

This publication helps aircraft operators deal with operational, maintenance, administrative and other issues. The 2021 edition features expanded sections on business aviation ethics, dispatcher responsibilities, unmanned aircraft systems, electronic flight bags and international operations.

Aircraft Transactions Guide

Consult this resource for an overview of the wide range of regulatory, tax, financial and transactional issues that are part of aircraft acquisitions.

Business Aircraft Use Policy Guide

The guide details regulatory requirements for business, political and humanitarian use of aircraft. Use this resource to learn how to craft policies for aircraft access, personnel restrictions and pilot authority.

Sustainable Fuel Guide

Learn why sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), a drop-in replacement for standard Jet A, is becoming an increasingly cost-effective option for aircraft operators seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Carriage Of Federal Political Candidates

Use this resource to ensure your organization complies with Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations for the carriage of political candidates and campaign travelers on noncommercial aircraft.

The Benefits of Urban Air Mobility

EASA, together with the consulting firm McKinsey & Company and Arup Sound, conducted a study across the European Union in late 2020 and early 2021 on the societal acceptance of urban air mobility (UAM) operations. The study examined the attitudes, expectations and concerns of EU citizens, which EASA is using to help prepare the regulatory framework for UAM. Here are the top expected benefits of UAM as identified by survey respondents.

Source: EASA

What’s New

Pilot Records Database Resource

The FAA has established new requirements for the use of its pilot records database, a centralized source for employer records related to pilot hiring. Use this resource to learn the details.

Aircraft Export Guide

This resource codifies guidance from several federal agencies on procedures for exporting aircraft from the U.S.

May/June 2022

Resources: Safety

Safety is a core value for NBAA, so the association offers a myriad of safety resources for all types of operators.
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March/April 2022

Resources: International Operations

NBAA has developed numerous international operations resources and news that are especially relevant in light of ever-changing pandemic-related requirements and restrictions.
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Jan/Feb 2022

Resources: Workforce Development

NBAA has developed numerous resources to help business aviation meet its current and future workforce challenges.
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Nov/Dec 2021

Resources: 2021 NBAA-BACE

We have the resources to help you get the most from your NBAA-BACE experience.
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