Cover photo of the G800 is courtesy of Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

July/August 2022

Business Aviation Insider’s 2022 Technology Issue has articles on how the industry is advancing toward electric-powered aircraft, how implementing beyond visual line of sight operations may help unlock the full potential of unmanned aircraft, and why solutions to supply chain and maintenance workforce challenges remain elusive.


Advancing Toward an Electrified Future

The push is on to develop technologies that will enable greener flying.
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Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations are the next crucial step to ensuring an effective and successful unmanned aircraft system (UAS) industry, particularly commercial UAS operations.
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Mitigating Supply Chain and Maintenance Workforce Challenges

Finding aircraft parts and qualified technicians continues to be difficult.
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Everywhere Is Within Reach for Isotropic Networks

Satcom provider Isotropic is making strong connections, thanks in part to business aviation.
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Fraud Mitigation Now an Essential Tool in Every Aircraft Transaction

The influx of new business aircraft owners has attracted criminals who see an opportunity to use the complexities and nuances of aircraft transactions to defraud the uninitiated.
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FRATs Offer Added Level of Safety

An effective flight risk assessment tool provides an objective means for pilots to assess risk and then determine possible mitigations by outlining several potential risk factors for a given flight.
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Why Executive Travel Policies Are Important

Corporate travel policies should be part of a broader enterprise risk management strategy that mitigates the impact of a worst-case scenario.
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NBAA’s Mentoring Network: Building More Than a Career

The NBAA Mentoring Network is providing mentees and mentors important insights into the future of business aviation.
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Stay Abreast of Canada’s Evolving COVID Requirements

Evolving travel and entry requirements continue to challenge business aircraft operators flying into Canada more than a year after the country reopened to international travelers.
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Virtual Reality Brings New Dimensions to Flight Training

The potential benefits of virtual reality technologies have led traditional flight-training providers to explore the possibilities.
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President’s Perspective

Embracing Innovation and New Technology

The pace of innovation in business aviation promises a future that is more safe, secure and sustainable than ever.
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Flight Bag

Resources: Technology

Here are some of the resources NBAA offers to help members stay abreast of new developments and safely apply them to their businesses.
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Capital View

New Caucus Championing AAM

Rep. Jay Obernolte and Rep. Jimmy Panetta are the co-chairs of the new Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Caucus in the House of Representatives.
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Regional Representation

Quarterly Meetings Bolster Dialog Between NBAA, Regional Groups

New quarterly meetings will improve the dialog between NBAA and regional groups.
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Regulatory Hot Topics

New EU Passenger Entry Requirements Coming Soon

Two new regulations regarding entry into the European Union are coming.
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Pro Tips

Young Professionals: Building Your Brand

Building and maintaining a professional brand is essential for young professionals
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Operator Privacy in the ADS-B Environment

Commercial flight tracking websites are a boon for aviation enthusiasts, but they also raise significant privacy concerns for business aviation.
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Member Central

Get Airspace/Airport Alerts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox

NBAA’s Air Traffic Services team can email Airspace Alerts directly to association members that have signed up for this service.
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New Horizons

Recognizing Flight Attendants as Trained Professionals

Susan C. Friedenberg has long been a champion of cabin crew members.
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