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Running a flight department is perhaps more challenging today than at any time in recent memory. Aviation managers face myriad challenges, including how to:

  • Retain existing talent and attract new personnel.
  • Keep pilots and technicians trained and current, in spite of the shortage of available slots at training facilities.
  • Make sure their department has the capacity to deal with increased flying, given the shortage of preowned aircraft and strong demand for charter flights.

While dealing with tactical challenges, managers also must keep strategic issues in view, including continuing to ensure the highest level of safety and how to incorporate new technologies – such as advanced air mobility – into long-range operational plans.

Fortunately, NBAA has resources that can help. Foremost is the NBAA Management Guide, which continues to evolve to help aviation managers meet today’s challenges.

“While dealing with tactical challenges, managers must keep strategic issues in view, including continuing to ensure the highest level of safety and contemplating how to incorporate new technologies… into long-range operational plans. ”

Ed Bolen President and CEO, NBAA

The latest edition includes the all-new Appendix H, which provides guidance on how to implement diversity, equity and inclusion principles into a flight operation. “How to Assemble an Inclusive Aviation Team,” a feature in this edition of Business Aviation Insider, examines Appendix H in detail, including key principles such as:

  • Establishing open communication channels and transparency in hiring and advancement processes.
  • Uncovering and mitigating overt and unconscious biases.
  • Implementing equity (making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive and advance).
  • Ensuring all team members feel valued and positive about their contributions.

Another way that NBAA helps managers meet challenges is through NBAA-BACE, the annual event that brings the business aviation community together to engage, collaborate and share best practices.

During this year’s convention, to be held Oct. 18-20 in Orlando, FL, we will celebrate the association’s 75th anniversary while viewing the industry’s best products and services and looking forward at the new technologies that will enable business aviation to thrive in coming years.

NBAA-BACE also will offer educational opportunities – from the Tax Conference and Professional Development Program courses, to education sessions covering operational topics, workforce issues, sustainability and, most important, safety.

As always, NBAA stands ready to help you succeed. We hope to see you in Orlando.

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Which area presents the greatest challenge to effectively managing your aviation operation today?
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  • Budget considerations15.79%
  • Technology factors4.21%
  • Regulatory compliance7.37%

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