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You can consider NBAA’s Air Traffic Services (ATS) team an extension of your flight operation. Co-located at the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center just outside of Washington, DC, the NBAA ATS team represents the interests of business aircraft operators in order to ensure that they have equitable access to airports and airspace throughout the National Airspace System.

Because the ATS team has direct access to real-time operational information from the FAA, they’re able to keep NBAA members informed about the latest NOTAMs, TFRs and other ATC developments that might impact their flight plans. To keep business aircraft operators informed and up to date, the ATS team emails Airspace Alerts directly to those that have signed up for this service.

To start receiving Airspace/Airport Alerts from ATS simply:

  1. Log in to
  2. Scroll down to “Email Broadcast Subscriptions”
  3. Make sure the box next to Airspace/Airport Alerts is checked

Additionally, NBAA members can elect to sign up for enhanced ATS services so they can receive a more hands-on, customized type of flight planning assistance from NBAA’s ATS specialists.

Learn more about NBAA Air Traffic Services at

NBAA’s Air Traffic Services team represents the interests of business aircraft operators to ensure that they have equitable access to airports and airspace throughout the National Airspace System.

Member Benefits

On-Demand Education

On-Demand Education

Since 1998, NBAA’s Professional Development Program (PDP) has helped business aviation professionals ascend in their careers by preparing them for management roles within their companies. Specifically, NBAA offers PDP courses in business management, human resources, leadership, operations, and technical and facilities services. These courses are conducted in conjunction with many NBAA events. But did you know you can also take them online? Check out NBAA’s online education web page.

Customize Your NBAA Experience With My NBAA Profile

NBAA wants to make sure your experience with the association is tailored to you and your specific interests. To do that, login to My NBAA Profile to ensure your contact information is up-to-date, then scroll down to manage your subscriptions and set your communication preferences. There you can subscribe to NBAA Insider Daily, Business Aviation Insider magazine, NBAA press releases, NBAA Airspace Alerts and more! Plus, you can choose to opt out of communications you no longer wish to receive.

Professional Development

NBAA will offer a variety of professional development program (PDP) courses in conjunction with the 2022 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Orlando, FL, from Oct. 18-20. Below are descriptions of some of these courses.

Management Fundamentals for Flight Departments

This two-day workshop, to be held Oct. 16-17, will provide managers with information about safe operations, regulatory compliance and basic management practices, including budgeting, accounting, cost controls, vendor selection and tracking, record keeping and planning. Other topics to be covered include personnel issues and communication. Participants will review case studies and learn how to use templates, forms and checklists.

Building and Leading Highly Effective Teams at Work

This two-day course, to be held Oct. 16-17, will make attendees think differently about teams and help them gain the skills needed to develop, lead and be a part of a highly effective team. Key concepts will include motivation and engagement, organizational culture, strength-based team philosophy, recognizing personalities, conflict management, mutualism and emotional intelligence.

SMS for Business Aviation

This course, slated to be held Oct. 17, will review all aspects of safety management systems, including SMS benefits, safety policy and objectives, safety risk management, safety assurance and safety promotion. Both FAA and ICAO SMS guidance will be reviewed. By fully understanding SMS concepts, course participants will be able to help create an SMS or support an existing one.

Aviation Leadership

This two-day workshop, to be held Oct. 21-22, will focus on values-based leadership, leading with a vision and leading for success. The interactive course will enable participants to practice and develop their skills, providing them with tangible takeaways designed to help them become better leaders.

New Certified Aviation Managers

More than 700 business aviation professionals from all segments of the industry have earned NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credential. The people listed here are among the latest to join this elite group of business aviation professionals.

Jeffrey Adelman, CAM
Senior Captain
Nationwide Aviation Business Center

Lisa Archambeau, CAM
Vice President, Facilitator & Strategist
ServiceElements International

David Bailey, CAM
Regional Sales Director – Great Lakes
Dassault Aviation

Diane M. Bassetti, CAM
Consultant, Aviation Ops
Nationwide Aviation Business Center

Jared Bender, CAM
Global Express Captain

Michael Graban, CAM
Merck, Sharpe & Dohme, LLC

Timothy Morton, CAM
Client Aviation Manager, Captain G650
TAG Aviation

Terrance Moser, CAM
Regional Sales Manager
Collins Aerospace

Kelly Nelson, CAM

Andrew J. Wilmoth, CAM
Flight Standards Captain, Koch Aviation

Events Calendar


Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference
Oct. 16 – 17 | Orlando, FL

NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE)
Oct. 18 – 20 | Orlando, FL


Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference (SDC2023)
Jan. 24 – 26 | Nashville, TN


International Operators Conference (IOC2023)
Feb. 13 – 15 | Austin, TX

Leadership Conference
Feb. 27 – March 1 | Charlotte, NC


Maintenance Conference
May 2 – 4 | Hartford, CT

European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2023)
May 23 – 25 | Geneva, Switzerland

Nov/Dec 2023

Marketing Assistance Available to NBAA Members

Member advertisers who take advantage of the NBAA Website Retargeting Program can make the most of their ad spending by retargeting industry professionals after they’ve clicked away from the NBAA website.
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Sept/Oct 2023

NBAA Members Save on Southwest Airlines Flights

NBAA has partnered with Southwest Airlines® to offer members an exclusive 3% discount on Anytime and Business Select® fares, where eligible.
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July/August 2023

Air Mail Connects You With Business Aviation Professionals

Are you taking advantage of NBAA Air Mail? Get connected with the association’s members-only social network where you can share concerns, questions, solutions and insights with fellow business aviators.
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May/June 2023

Workers’ Compensation Program Pays Millions in Dividends

The NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program offers members the opportunity to be rewarded for providing employees with a safe work environment and, as a result, reduce the ultimate cost of insurance protection.
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