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Quarterly Meetings Bolster Dialog Between NBAA, Regional Groups

The NBAA Local and Regional Group Committee recently launched the first of what will be a series of quarterly meetings with state-level and regional business aviation associations aimed at strengthening communications between NBAA and local groups.

“It’s vital that our respective associations speak with a singular voice on national issues, as we’ve seen recently with matters like ATC privatization,” said Steve Hadley, NBAA’s senior director of regional programs and Southwest regional representative.

“At the same time, NBAA wants to be able to support these groups in whatever way we can regarding the issues that matter most in their regions,” added Hadley.

“It's vital that our respective associations speak with a singular voice on national issues, as we've seen recently with matters like ATC privatization.”

Steve Hadley Senior Director of Regional Programs and Southwest Regional Representative, NBAA

Held May 25, the first of the quarterly meetings with the local and regional groups focused primarily on highlighting resources available from NBAA to support these organizations as the business aviation community emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, noted NBAA Local and Regional Group Committee chair Kyle Eiserer, owner of Airside FBO.

“The past couple of years have certainly been challenging to navigate,” said Eiserer. “Some groups remained active [during the pandemic], but others are just now coming out of hibernation, in a sense. It’s really important for them to have the latest information and resources available. It’s also beneficial for those groups to see how other local and regional associations were able to maintain activities and enthusiasm during this time.”

Workforce development is another important topic for discussion at these quarterly meetings, and Eiserer noted that regional groups can offer new ideas and perspectives to help inform NBAA’s efforts to develop and grow future business aviation leaders.

“Getting out in front of up-and-coming generations is so important,” he said. “While NBAA’s work has focused primarily on near-term candidates in high school and college, some of the regional groups have launched programs to introduce students even at the elementary school level to potential opportunities in aviation.

“Our overriding goal is to provide resources and share best practices with all of the various groups,” declared Eiserer.

“These meetings help ensure that the communication channels between local groups and NBAA remain open and accessible, so that we’re able to coordinate our efforts in the most beneficial and productive manner,” he concluded.

IBAA Supports Business Aviation in the Hawkeye State

IBAA Supports Business Aviation in the Hawkeye State

The Iowa Business Aviation Association (IBAA) provides educational and networking opportunities for industry stakeholders and business aviation advocates in the Hawkeye State.

Despite challenges from COVID-19 (the pandemic began just months after the group formed), IBAA has grown to 65 members, which include flight departments, FBOs, flight schools, airports and individuals.

“Many of our members were grounded in the initial weeks of the pandemic, which gave them time to focus their energy on really establishing our organization,” said IBAA President Matt Wolford, who also is vice president at Jet Air. “Now that everyone’s busy again, the question becomes, ‘How do we keep this going?'”

To that end, the group holds quarterly meetings that feature presenters from service providers, the FAA and other stakeholders, covering a variety of educational and operational topics.

Workforce development is another focus for IBAA, which launched its first scholarship program last year.

“We awarded two $1,000 scholarships,” said IBAA Vice President Ian Lumpp, who also is director of business development at Flying Media Group. “We’re looking to sponsor a group of students to attend NBAA-BACE later this year so they can experience the show. It’s important to give back where we can.”

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