Cover photo of the Vision Jet is courtesy of Cirrus.

May/June 2022

Business Aviation Insider’s 2022 Safety Issue has articles on the value of third-party audits, runway safety improvement efforts and industry recommendations for possible changes to Part 135 rest and duty regs. This edition also includes a member profile of an innovative company that uses business aviation to support its speech-generating device business.


Third-Party Audits Validate Safety Processes

Independent assessments are needed to confirm the effectiveness of safety systems.
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How to Improve Air Charter Safety: It’s All About Culture

A fully implemented, robust SMS includes many components that are key to safe operations.
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Partners In Recruiting

Aviation managers must work closely with HR to identify and acquire talent.
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Business Aviation Helps Forbes AAC Maximize Innovation

The company’s speech-generating devices help people who can’t talk or are dealing with similar disabilities.
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Managing Stress in Single-Pilot Operations

The detrimental effects of stress can be significant, so single-pilot operators need to mitigate its potential impact on safety.
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Long COVID May Affect Pilot Health

Some COVID-19 patients may continue to experience symptoms long after resolution of their initial infection. Fortunately, few pilots have been affected.
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Better Tools to Avoid Thunderstorms

National Weather Service aviation forecasters are continually working to refine NWS services and products to help business aircraft operators avoid bad weather.
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ICAO Assembly to Consider Topics That Impact Business Aviation

Civil aviation’s international governing body is expected to examine a variety of issues, including the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions from aviation by 2050.
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Lessons Learned from Business Aviation Accidents

Business aviation professionals need to learn from accidents in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes.
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Budgeting for Smaller Operators

Communication and collaboration with finance professionals within the organization can make the aviation budgeting process go smoother.
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President’s Perspective

Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

We must redouble our efforts to ensure we operate as safely as possible, especially as the pace of business flying returns to pre-pandemic levels.
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Flight Bag

Resources: Safety

Safety is a core value for NBAA, so the association offers a myriad of safety resources for all types of operators.
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Capital View

Dipierro Helping Make Runway Operations Safer

The FAA’s Runway Safety group is focused on reducing the number and severity of runway incursions and wrong surface landings by increasing situational awareness of pilots, vehicle drivers and air traffic controllers.
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Regional Representation

Regional Groups Aid Workforce Development

Regional aviation groups have taken an important role in educating and nurturing students interested in business aviation careers.
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Regulatory Hot Topics

Advisory Group Submits Part 135 Rest and Duty Recommendations

Applying scientific and safety data related to fatigue was an important aspect of the guidance.
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Pro Tips

Young Professionals:
Explore Non-Traditional Mentorships

Informal approaches to mentorship can have a lasting and fulfilling impact on both mentors and mentees.
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Maintenance: Problematic ADS-B Configuration Errors

A substantial number of ADS-B installations have triggered failure notices when operating in the national airspace system, a situation that needs to be addressed.
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Management: What Will It Take to Become More Sustainable?

What steps can your flight operation take to move toward sustainability?
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Member Central

Workers’ Compensation Program Pays Millions in Dividends

NBAA members have access to a high-quality, cost-effective solution to aviation workers’ compensation coverage.
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New Horizons

Bringing Personal Air Travel to Everyone

Jet It Founder Glenn Gonzales believes business aviation needs to be accessible to more people.
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