Jan/Feb 2023

Business Aviation Insider’s 2023 Workforce Issue features an insightful survey on how workers perceive their compensation, an update on how operators are struggling to execute pilot upgrade programs and an article that takes a deep dive into how organizations can better support the mental wellness of their employees.


Mental Wellness in Aviation Starts With I’M SAFE

A pilot pre-takeoff checklist that includes the acronym I’M SAFE can improve safety on the flight deck and in daily life.
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Compensation Perception Survey Yields Surprises

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Workforce Shortage Challenges Pilot Upgrades

Staff limitations and COVID’s ripple effects have made training for new aircraft difficult for many flight operations.
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Taking Flight With Florida’s University Athletic Association

Together, the University of Florida athletic association's two business jets average nearly 500 flight hours per year.
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Changes in Part 147 to Bolster Maintenance Workforce

Shifting the oversight structure is designed to better prepare the next generation of aviation maintenance professionals.
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Adding Artistic STEAM to Business Aviation Recruiting

As aviation seeks solutions to meet its current and future workforce needs, it may be time for more employers to think outside the STEM box and recruit people with experience in the arts.
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New Vets: A Valuable Business Aviation Resource

While business aviation struggles to meet workforce demands, many organizations may be missing out on valuable personnel who are about to separate from the military.
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Is Business Aviation an Option for Retiring Commercial Airline Pilots?

Recognizing the stark differences between the two worlds is critical to making a successful transition.
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Tips for Safe and Successful Business Aviation Flight Catering

For trouble-free in-flight sustenance, experts advise paying attention to temperature, communication, galley type, customs rules and other crucial factors.
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What Will the SAF Blenders Credit Mean for Operators?

Supporters are optimistic the blenders tax credit will increase production of sustainable aviation fuel, narrow the cost gap between SAF and conventional jet fuel and drive savings for end users.
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President’s Perspective

New Year, New Opportunities

2023 promises to be a momentous year for business aviation for several reasons.
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Flight Bag

Resources: Workforce Development – Jan/Feb 2023

NBAA has many resources and programs to help organizations meet current and future workforce challenges.
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Capital View

New House Transportation Chair Previews Aviation Issues

Incoming House Transportation Chair Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO-06) says he wants Congress to hold the FAA accountable for meeting its milestones.
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Regional Representation

NBAA Strengthens Connections to Owner/Pilots

NBAA’s regional directors engage with owner/pilot associations.
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Regulatory Hot Topics

FAA Registry Backlog Continues into 2023

Even a small mistake by aircraft buyers or sellers could cause longer delays in document processing and registration.
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Pro Tips

Retirees: How to Keep Giving Back to Business Aviation

Industry veterans share keys to successfully shifting from full-time work to a fulfilling retirement.
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Schedulers: Tech Proven During COVID Can Improve Handoffs

Good pass-downs by schedulers and dispatchers limit the human factors involved in every flight, offsetting the potential for human error.
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Schedulers: The Importance of Hard Days Off

For safety and mental health, crews need to have predictable time away from work to take care of themselves and their families.
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Member Central

Introducing Go Rentals VIP Rental Car Service

NBAA has partnered with Go Rentals to offer members a 20% discount on VIP car services.
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New Horizons

The Expanding Role of Drones

Cargill’s Calvin Rieb sees a robust future for unmanned aircraft in business aviation.
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