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5 Tips for Success From an Award-Winning Bizav Scheduler

One of the many highlights of NBAA’s 2023 Schedulers & Dispatcher’s Conference in Nashville, TN, was the launch of the association’s Business Aircraft Scheduler Certificate Program, developed in collaboration with Part 91 scheduling subject matter experts and Universal Weather and Aviation.

The program was designed for personnel with scheduling responsibilities or those looking for operational opportunities in business aviation, said Tyler Austin, NBAA director of certification.

Shining a spotlight on an expert who contributed to the program, NBAA announced during the conference that Spring Adamo was the recipient of NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers Outstanding Achievement and Leadership Award.

Adamo, a former chair and longtime member of the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee, is a flight logistics lead who manages scheduling, safety, security and personnel. After infusing the program with her 36 years of day-to-day work experience across various organizations, Adamo has compiled five tips for successful scheduling:

1. Be one (or many) steps ahead: Visualize your calendar and get a clear picture of today, tomorrow and the week ahead.

2. Set and follow priorities: Only add time specific tasks to your calendar – giving you much needed time to catch up and breathe – and prioritize important tasks in order of timeliness.

3. Be flexible and expect change: Being prepared and prioritizing known tasks gives you space to be flexible when needed.

4. Stay connected: Communicate with your team on a regular basis and keep in touch with the schedulers and dispatchers’ network to share best practices.

5. Learn to manage stress: Smile or laugh – it will make you feel happier.

Created by Schedulers for Schedulers

Unlike the FAA Aviation Dispatcher certificate, which is tailored to commercial operations, the NBAA program was created by schedulers for schedulers at flight departments of all sizes, Austin said. It’s designed for the specific needs and responsibilities of scheduling Part 91 business aviation aircraft.

NBAA’s online scheduling program is composed of nine self-paced modules and a final assessment that participants have six months to complete. They introduce key areas of aircraft scheduling, with titles ranging from business aviation basics, mission control, global regulations and technology to crew scheduling, safety and security, finance, legal and tax responsibilities, pre-trip logistics and real-time trip support.

“While the certificate program introduces the basics of business aviation scheduling, it will mature to keep pace with essential knowledge and best practices and procedures,” said Austin.

A certificate and digital badge recognize successful completion of the program, which also contributes four initial or recertification credits towards NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) program. “In addition, the program can introduce new professional development opportunities such as diving deeper into the knowledge pool to become a safety manager,” Austin said.

“Scheduling professionals are essential to the success of every mission and have had a longtime desire for more formalized recognition of their expertise.”

Jo Damato CAM, NBAA Senior Vice President of Education, Training and Workforce Development

“Scheduling professionals are essential to the success of every mission and have had a longtime desire for more formalized recognition of their expertise,” said Jo Damato, CAM, NBAA senior vice president of education, training and workforce development. “This certificate, created by schedulers for schedulers, serves to elevate their knowledge levels and further their critical role in a flight operation. NBAA is proud to have partnered with leading subject matter experts in this field on this new offering.”

Learn more about the Business Aircraft Scheduler Certificate Program.

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