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Strengthening Business Aviation Worldwide

As the global business marketplace continues to be ever-more integrated and more complicated in nature, companies of all sizes increasingly rely on business aviation to reach opportunities whenever and wherever they arise, making NBAA’s work to support them more important than ever.

For example, as this issue of Business Aviation Insider goes to print, NBAA has just concluded its annual International Operators Conference. Attendance at the conference, which was first held 50 years ago, has today swelled to 500-plus attendees seeking the best expertise available on the many complex issues common to international mission planning, including unfamiliar and emergency scenarios, privacy and security best practices, geopolitical concerns and other important considerations.

“In an increasingly global business marketplace, NBAA's advocacy is more important than ever.”

In May, another essential international event – the annual European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) – will take place in Geneva, Switzerland. The location of EBACE in one of the world’s leading business capitals is a key reason the show draws participants from more than 100 countries to share information about business aviation utilization in all regions of the world. That will be the case again this year, as we bring together a worldwide industry for a firsthand look at the new technologies, business models and other innovations that are expanding the very definition of business aviation.

Of course, NBAA’s work on behalf of its members extends beyond hosting events, to ongoing advocacy before international policymaking bodies. As one noteworthy example, the association is continually engaged in the deliberations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which governs the global aviation sector.

Last year, ICAO held its 41st triennial gathering, focused largely on emissions reduction. As a member of the International Business Aviation Council, NBAA played a key role in ensuring not just that emissions policies developed during the ICAO triennial were appropriate for our segment, and that business aviation is able to fly not only more sustainably, but more safely and securely in the decades to come.

Looking ahead, it’s clear that commerce will be increasingly global in nature, and business aviation will be essential in connecting companies and communities to the international marketplace. As the aviation landscape changes at every level, NBAA will continue to champion your interests, in the U.S. and around the world.

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