Business Aviation Insider – May/June 2023
Cover photo of the Beechcraft King Air 260 courtesy of Textron Aviation

May/June 2023

Business Aviation Insider’s 2023 Safety Issue includes lifesaving lessons to be learned from aircraft accidents, tips on SMS for smaller operators and information on how the industry is paving the way for safe operations in the advanced air mobility sector. This edition also features a member profile of a family-owned company that relied on its twin turboprop to help it reach a lofty goal.


Lessons Learned From Business Aviation Accidents

NTSB reports reveal how improper procedures, a lack of professionalism on the flight deck and the “normalization of deviance” continue to plague both single-pilot and multi-person flight crews.
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Scaling SMS to Meet Your Operation’s Needs

Certain elements of a large flight department’s safety management system may not necessarily be beneficial or cost-effective for smaller operators.
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Paving the Way to AAM Safety

Safe introduction of advanced air mobility into the U.S. aviation system requires coordination of an entire ecosystem of moving parts.
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Stamoules Produce: Leveraging Aviation to Reach the Next Level

Stamoules Produce has been planting pistachio orchards as part of a plan to launch their own consumer brand to wholesalers and grocery chains. To do that, the company built a 4,900-foot runway and purchased a twin turboprop to go with it.
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BASS 2023 to Focus on Safety Vigilance as Operations Increase

At the event, organized by the Flight Safety Foundation, NBAA representatives and others will offer key perspectives on the most relevant and timely safety issues facing the industry, including runway incursions, the shifting workforce and mental health.
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Tools and Strategies to Prepare for Summer Weather

It’s time for business aircraft operators to prepare for summer weather. Experts share strategies, tools and resources for maintaining safety amid extreme heat, thunderstorms and turbulence.
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Operations: Best Practices for Safe Scheduling

Veteran business aviation schedulers share their best practices for safer operations including asking questions, promoting collaboration and minimizing risks surrounding flight crew fatigue.
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How GA Airports Serve Their Communities When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, as it did when Hurricane Ian struck Florida in 2022, airports like Fort Myers’ Page Field on Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast prove to be an essential part of the rescue and recovery efforts for surrounding communities.
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President’s Perspective

Safety Is Not a Destination, It’s a Journey

Business aviation has frequently supported initiatives to enhance safety, as long as they're scalable to a diverse group of operational profiles. NBAA is at the forefront once again, advocating for members as the FAA proposes a rule to expand mandated SMS beyond airlines to include many business operations.
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Flight Bag

Resources: Safety

NBAA offers valuable guidance on several safety-related topics including inflight safety, hangar and ground safety, small-flight operators, single-pilot operations and the association’s Safety Manager Certificate Program.
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Capital View

FAA Safety Chief Discusses the Need for Continued Vigilance

David Boulter, FAA acting associate administrator for aviation safety, answers questions about advanced air mobility, efforts to improve training and a recent spate of serious runway incursions.
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Regional Representation

Successful Safety Days: No Small Challenge

Business aviation groups from around the U.S. share their best practices and tips for organizing and executing events aimed at promoting safety across all flight operations.
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Regulatory Hot Topics

Regulatory Hot Topic – Concerning Incidents Prompt FAA Summit, Safety Alert

In a safety summit panel discussion featuring industry leaders, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen emphasized the need for collaboration, communication and engagement among all stakeholders in ensuring that America continues to set the standard for aviation safety around the world.
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Pro Tips

Safety Managers: Making the Right Choice

Experts say good safety managers act as company cheerleaders to get people engaged and establish a reliable reporting system.
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Operations: Improving Your Emergency Response Plan

It’s vital for flight operations to keep their emergency response plans fresh and updated, particularly elements such as risk assessments, emergency definitions, checklists for organizing resources and coordinating family support.
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Safety and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

While any sustainability efforts by operators should trigger risk assessment and change management processes, there are small operational changes that can improve sustainability and increase efficiency – a win-win situation.
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Realizing Safety Benefits From Data Sharing

Increased recognition of the safety benefits that come from flight data sharing programs is helping to drive growth and acceptance of these technologies throughout the owner-flown, turbine-powered aircraft community.
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Member Central

Workers’ Compensation Program Pays Millions in Dividends

The NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program offers members the opportunity to be rewarded for providing employees with a safe work environment and, as a result, reduce the ultimate cost of insurance protection.
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New Horizons

Integrating Space Operations into the National Airspace

The FAA Space Collaborative Decision Making program aims to foster information exchange and dialogue among government and industry entities, both civilian and military, working with the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization.
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