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On this page, users will find support guidance related to the Business Aviation Insider mobile app for iOS and Android devices. If you have a question not answered here, contact NBAA at

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the NBAA magazine mobile app? The app is available for downloading from the Apple App Store for iOS tablets and the Google Play Store for Android tablets. Search for “NBAA Business Aviation Insider.”

What devices are compatible with the app? NBAA’s magazine app is optimized for iPad and Android tablet users; iOS and Android phones are not supported. Specific models and version numbers will be subject to change. To see what devices are currently supported at any given time, refer to the compatibility information provided for the app listing within the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I view the full digital edition of the magazine on my mobile phone? No. The design of the magazine’s digital edition is optimized for iOS and Android tablet viewing; iPhone and Android phones are not supported.

I don’t have a tablet. Can I still read magazine content online on my desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone? Yes. Though the digital edition is only available for tablet app users, NBAA also publishes individual articles from Business Aviation Insider on its website on a weekly basis, and these are available to all users regardless of device. Follow NBAA on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in order to receive links to the latest magazine stories right in your social media feed.

Additionally, all Members regardless of what device they are using can also download a print replica version of the issue in PDF format by visiting the archives page.

Password Help

Whether delivered in print or online, Business Aviation Insider is free of charge to all NBAA Member Company employees, and only NBAA Members have access to the full range of Business Aviation Insider content.

As part of the launch of the redesigned magazine and mobile app, NBAA is making its May/June 2015 issue available free to the public, so that anyone can have a chance to review the magazine’s new look and test out the new app.

All subsequent issues will require an NBAA Member password. NBAA Members who don’t already have a password, or who need to reset their existing password, may click on the following links: