Podcast: Have You Done Your PREFLIGHT Today?

March 20, 2023

NBAA’s PREFLIGHT flyer campaign aims to promote professionalism across our industry, with the nine letters in the acronym “PREFLIGHT” each representing an attitude or behavior vital to being a true business aviation professional. “The whole point of being prepared and professional is acknowledging the fact there are any number of things that can go wrong on any given flight,” notes NBAA Domestic Operations Committee Chair Eric Canup. “The more we are engaged and the more we are prepared, the more we can mitigate those risks.”

In this episode of NBAA’s “Flight Plan,” host Rob Finfrock speaks with:
  • Eric Canup, chair of NBAA Domestic Operations Committee and head of flight operations at Live Oak Bank
  • David Keys, vice chair of NBAA Domestic Operations Committee, chief pilot at Peace River Citrus Products and president of the Central Florida Business Aviation Association

Podcast Episode

May 23, 2023

NBAA Welcomes Passage of NOTAM Improvement Act

NBAA applauds congressional passage of the NOTAM Improvement Act of 2023, which directs the Federal Aviation Administration to improve the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAMs) system.
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May 22, 2023

Podcast: Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Business Aviation, Part 2

We conclude our two-part discussion about mental wellness in business aviation with encouraging news: FAA Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup recently announced that the agency will revise its procedures to encourage anyone needing help dealing with mental health challenges to get it.
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May 15, 2023

Podcast: Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Business Aviation, Part 1

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and over the next two weeks NBAA Flight Plan, in cooperation with The Pilots Pandemic podcast, will feature an open and honest discussion about issues related to mental wellness in the business aviation community.
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May/June 2023

Operations: Improving Your Emergency Response Plan

It’s vital for flight operations to keep their emergency response plans fresh and updated, particularly elements such as risk assessments, emergency definitions, checklists for organizing resources and coordinating family support.
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