Podcast: Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

July 26, 2021

We often think of mentorship as an older or more experienced person offering their wisdom to someone who is younger or just starting their career. While that is certainly important, consider also what you can learn from those who are closer to your own age or experience level. “One of the things I love about peer-to-peer mentoring,” said Sierra Grimes, NBAA senior manager of government affairs and founder of NBAA’s Young Professionals (YoPro) program, “is that it gives you that opportunity to not just be mentored, but to empower you to mentor someone else.”

In this episode of NBAA’s “Flight Plan,” host Rob Finfrock speaks with:

  • Sierra Grimes, NBAA senior manager, Government Affairs
  • Jason Kinlaw, director, safety and flight operations, Coca-Cola
  • Jessica McClintock, vice president, global accounts, FuelerLinx
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