Podcast: Preventing Runway Excursions by Single Pilot Operators

Sept. 26,  2022

Runway excursions are the most common type of accident involving business aircraft, with single pilot operators particularly susceptible to the risk of going off the runway on landing. The upcoming Single Pilot Safety Standdown at NBAA-BACE will examine this problem and explore mitigations. “We’ve all got to establish go-around criteria for ourselves,” noted NBAA Single Pilot Working Group Chair Rosa Lee Argotsinger. “It should be automatic: if we haven’t met these gates along the approach, then we initiate that go-around.”

In this episode of NBAA’s “Flight Plan,” host Rob Finfrock speaks with:
  • Rosa Lee Argotsinger, director of flight safety and security for Textron Aviation and chair of the Single Pilot Working Group of the NBAA Safety Committee
  • Todd Hotes, chief pilot for Polymer Resources
  • Mark Larsen, NBAA director of safety and flight operations, and staff liaison to the NBAA Safety Committee
  • Dan Moore, president of Dan Moore Aero and an FAA designated pilot examiner

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