Podcast: A Team Approach to Tackling Aviation’s Workforce Challenge

[date ]Sept. 12, 2022[/date]

Aviation stakeholders have taken many approaches to addressing the industry’s workforce challenge. In San Antonio, TX, partners ranging from GA groups to the Department of Defense to community leaders have engaged in an effort to introduce students to new, uplifting career paths. “Our big thing is really making sure that young people as early as kindergarten have access to aerospace curriculum [and] aerospace guest speakers,” notes Christina Martinez with the Dee Howard Foundation, “making sure that young people know about aviation and aerospace and see people like them in these jobs.”

In this edition of NBAA’s “Flight Plan,” host Rob Finfrock speaks with:
  • Flack Maguire, founder and executive director, Virtual Flight Academy
  • Christina Martinez, executive director, Dee Howard Foundation
  • Josh Smith, president, Texans for General Aviation

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