Podcast: Top NBAA Flight Plan Podcast Episodes of 2022

Dec. 19, 2022

As the calendar counts down to the end of 2022, we revisit the most-downloaded episodes of NBAA’s “Flight Plan” podcast over the past 12 months, which featured discussions about:

  1. Operator privacy in the ADS-B environment
  2. How to maintain mental wellness
  3. The risks and symptoms of “Long COVID” for pilots

In the ADS-B episode, NBAA Flight Plan host Rob Finfrock spoke with:

  • Doug Carr, NBAA senior vice president, safety, security, sustainability and international operations
  • Heidi Williams, NBAA senior director, air traffic services and infrastructure

In the mental fitness episode, Rob Finfrock spoke with:

  • Greg Farley, director of aviation, John Deere and member of the Fitness for Duty Working Group of the NBAA Safety Committee
  • Dr. Susan Northrup, FAA federal air surgeon
  • Dr. Quay Snyder, president and CEO, Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS) and member of the Fitness for Duty Working Group of the NBAA Safety Committee

In the Long COVID episode, Rob Finfrock spoke with:

  • Dr. Clayton Cowl, pulmonologist and senior AME, Mayo Clinic
  • Dr. Quay Snyder, president, Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS)
  • Dr. Greg Vanichkachorn, senior AME and medical director, Mayo Clinic COVID Activity Rehabilitation Program

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