Podcast: The Value of Mentoring

Sept. 21, 2020

The NBAA Mentoring Network offers established business aviation professionals the chance to connect with tomorrow’s leaders by providing mentees with an invaluable leg-up in their careers. Perhaps most important, however, are the guidance, inspiration and support these professional relationships can provide for everyone involved. “Being a mentor does take time and effort, but you always get more from it than you give,” said Paul Scurio, an international captain for Netflix. “It’s a very rewarding experience to give back some of your experience and knowledge.”

In today’s episode of NBAA’s Flight Plan, host Rob Finfrock speaks with:

  • Jessica McClintock, vice president of global accounts for FuelerLinx and chair of NBAA’s YoPro Council
  • Paul Scurio, international captain for Netflix and member of NBAA’s International Operators Committee
  • NBAA Flight Plan is sponsored by Whiting Aviation Park, ready to grow your business in Santa Rosa County, FL.

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