What’s Next for Business Aviation in the UK?

April 14, 2020

Even as the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis continues to impact the world, operators are confronted with more enduring concerns, like the long-planned “Brexit” separating the United Kingdom from the European Union. The separation was made formal on Jan. 31, 2020. At that time, some expected that even under “Brexit” the UK would continue under the auspices of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for oversight of aircraft certification and aviation safety regulation; however, UK officials have since announced they plan to go it alone in those areas as well, and the implications of that decision for business aviation operators around the globe remain unclear. “All we’re looking for is a common sense approach from governments and from the regulators, so that access to the markets is as unrestricted as it has been when the UK was part of the EU,” said Dave Edwards, CEO of The Air Charter Association in the UK.

In this episode of NBAA Flight Plan, host Rob Finfrock speaks with:

  • Doug Carr, NBAA Vice President, Regulatory and International Affairs
  • Dave Edwards, CEO, The Air Charter Association
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