June 25, 2019

NBAA is consolidating and streamlining the geographic areas in its Regional Representatives program.

The realignment, which takes effect July 1, trims the number of regions from seven to six and reconfigures those areas to better match the representatives’ expertise and the FAA’s regions and service areas. The former Central Region, which was represented by the retiring Bob Quinn, will be eliminated and split up among the new regions.

“The realignment tailors the new regions to our representatives’ knowledge of the states, and will maximize their ability to effectively communicate and travel within those regions,” said Steve Hadley, director of NBAA’s Regional Programs.

Under the realignment, Phil Derner’s revised Western Region gains Alaska and more of the West Coast. Kristi Ivey’s Northern Mountain Region, which replaces the Northwest Region, adds Colorado and moves east into Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Hadley’s Southwest Central Region, which replaces the Southwest Region, gains Missouri, Nebraska and New Mexico, and hands off Louisiana to Greg Voos’ Southeastern Region, which succeeds the Southeast Region.

Paige Kroner’s Central Eastern Region, which replaces the Mid-Atlantic Region, picks up Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Brittany Davies’ Northeastern Region, which succeeds the Northeast Region, gains Michigan.

NBAA’s regional representatives, who live in the regions they serve, provide a nationwide voice and resource for the business aviation community.

“With this realignment, we look forward to maintaining our existing aviation industry relationships and developing new ones to make our members’ businesses more efficient, productive and successful through the use of their most important tool, the business aircraft,” Hadley said.