July 5, 2011

Estopinal Group, Jeffersonville, IN

Lean, serious-looking Wayne Estopinal is grim as he says, “Adding even more taxes on general aviation is an ill-conceived concept.” The small business owner is livid about President Obama’s reference to “fat cats in corporate jets.”

“When we put seven people and two pilots in our Cessna Citation CJ2 Plus, it’s actually more cost effective than going commercial, even without calculating the value of wasted professional time while our team members are sitting in airports, hoping the next airliner won’t be late,” he says.

Estopinal founded The Estopinal Group (TEG) in Jeffersonville, IN, which is loated near Louisville, KY, 22 years ago. It specializes in architectural, engineering and interior design services for health care facilities. With 70 employees and annual revenue of about nine million dollars, TEG is firmly in the small business category and depends on its business jet to keep the company lean and mean.

“When we use corporate aircraft to serve our clients, it is so our staff can be efficient and productive,” he says. “We’re a service business, and the only thing we have to offer is our time.”

Should the President’s ill-conceived GA tax plan become reality, Estopinal says, TEG would be forced to raise its rates, contributing to economy-wrecking inflation. He added that some clients would cancel or delay projects, further depressing the already troubled construction industry.

“Our company aircraft allows us to be very, very productive, and be there for our clients when they need us,” he says. “I repeat: adding even more taxes on general aviation is an ill-conceived concept.”

Listen to a podcast interview with Estopinal Group founder Wayne Estopinal.