2013 Edition of NBAA Light Business Airplane Buyer’s Guide Now Available

Contacts: Dan Hubbard, (202) 783-9360, dhubbard@nbaa.org

Washington, DC, July 25, 2013 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has released the 2013 edition of its Light Business Airplane (LBA) Buyer’s Guide. First published in 2009, the guide helps businesses in selecting an airplane to meet their needs by providing an overview of the light business airplanes currently in production.

In assembling the guide, NBAA gathered extensive information from manufacturers about new single- and twin-engine piston aircraft, turboprops, very light jets and light jets to enable operators to pick the best airplane for their business travel demands. The publication collects the basic specification and performance data for three dozen light business airplanes in eight categories. Data includes base prices, external and internal dimensions, weight limits, powerplant specifications, operating speeds, and takeoff and landing distances.

The LBA Buyer’s Guide is a convenient, time-saving reference that enables NBAA Members to make apples-to-apples comparisons for the various kinds of new light business airplanes all in one place, instead of visiting many different manufacturers’ web sites. Available exclusively to NBAA Members, the publication is an important tool that NBAA provides business people who rely on or are looking to invest in light airplanes.

“NBAA is committed to serving those who rely on light business airplanes to meet their travel needs, as well as those who are considering how to use these airplanes to support their businesses, said Doug Carr, NBAA’s vice president safety, security, operations & regulation. “This guide, which is designed to assist companies in their airplane purchase planning, is just one of many resources that the Association provides to help light business airplane owners and operators run a safe, efficient and cost-effective flight operation.”

Other NBAA resources for LBA users include NBAA’s LBA Flight Operations Manual Template, Aircraft Transactions Checklist, Aircraft Operating and Ownership Options website and other online tax, insurance, risk management and safety resources.

For the convenience of NBAA Members, the 2013 edition of the LBA Buyer’s Guide was mailed in early July to all subscribers of Business Aviation Insider, the official Member magazine of NBAA. All Members also are eligible to download the publication in PDF format from a password-protected area of the NBAA website. For more information on the LBA Buyer’s Guide or to obtain a copy, visit www.nbaa.org/lba-buyers-guide or contact NBAA’s Operations Service Group at (202) 783-9250 or ops@nbaa.org.

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