FAA Extends NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption for Members

Contact: Dan Hubbard, (202) 783-9360, dhubbard@nbaa.org

Washington, DC, March 30, 2015 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved its request to extend NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption for a 12-month period, expiring on March 31, 2016. The exemption, which is available only to NBAA Members operating in the U.S., allows operators of small aircraft to take advantage of the flexibility usually offered to operators of larger, turbine-powered airplanes.

FAA also is reviewing NBAA’s request to remove a previously imposed limitation that barred use of the exemption for operations conducted outside the U.S. The agency wants to ensure that removing this limitation would comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. Many aircraft that utilize the small aircraft exemption fly to international locations, and the previous exemption limited the ability of some owners to use their aircraft.

Officially known as Exemption 7897F, it allows operators of piston-powered airplanes, small airplanes (those with a gross weight of 12,500 pounds or less) and rotorcraft to utilize, among other provisions, alternative maintenance programs and limited cost-reimbursement for certain flights as is permitted under Part 91, Subpart F of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption allows member companies to apply flexible aircraft expense policies provided under Part 91, Subpart F, or for the use of the aircraft by employees of a subsidiary company. The exemption also applies to the use of time-sharing, interchange and joint ownership agreements.

“NBAA is pleased that the FAA continues to recognize the importance of this tool to NBAA Member business aircraft owners seeking to maximize the efficiency and usability of a small aircraft,” said Doug Carr, NBAA’s vice president of regulatory and international affairs. “We thank the agency for extending the exemption for another 12-month period.”

Without NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption, the cost-sharing options available under Part 91F are only available to aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of more than 12,500 pounds; multi-engine turbojet aircraft, regardless of size; or fractional program aircraft. NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption does not apply to Part 135 operations or to fractional operators.

Review details about NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption, including requirements for taking advantage of the program.

NBAA Members may download a copy of the exemption letter. (PDF)

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