NBAA Announces 2006 Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship Winners

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DENVER, CO, June 23, 2006 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and its Flight Attendants Committee today congratulated 57 recipients of the 2006 NBAA Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship during the Association’s 11th Annual Flight Attendants Conference, which is being held today and tomorrow in Denver, CO.

The NBAA Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship was created to promote education and training as a means for corporate flight attendants and flight technicians to enhance their professional careers. In 2006, training and monetary awards were made possible by 22 sponsors from the business aviation industry.

This year’s 57 scholarship recipients are listed below. Each recipient name is followed by the name of the sponsor providing the award.

  • Tonda Benefield, FACTS
  • Janine Brisebois, Bombardier Aerospace
  • Felecia Borsari, MedAire, Inc.
  • Jonathan Burke, Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training
  • Lisa Butler, FlightSafety International
  • Susan Calandra, Flight Attendants International
  • Laura Marie Carroll, FACTS
  • Tamara Collum, Corporate Aviators, Inc./Culinary Institute of America
  • Michelle Cyr, Jett Sett Management
  • Veronica DeMaggio, FACTS
  • Janet Denoa, FACTS
  • Christy Donahue, MedAire, Inc.
  • Joanne Dye, FACTS
  • Richard Duma, Alteon
  • Deb Elam, MedAire, Inc.
  • Connie Ellertson, FlightSafety International
  • Paul Friel, FlightSafety International
  • Heather Forcier, AirCare International
  • Debbie Gabriel, Survival Systems USA, Inc.
  • Pamela Glaze, FlightSafety International
  • Kimberly Goesling, James G. Plachek
  • Cherry Goggin, FlightSafety International
  • Denise Gordils, AirCare International
  • Anemone Guenther, FlightSafety International
  • Candace Grote, Castle Kitchens, Ltd.
  • Patricia Hamrick, CAE/SimuFlite
  • Mary Heine, FlightSafety International
  • Cynthia Henderson, Corporate Flight Attendant Training Alliance
  • Sharon Hertz, Castle Kitchens Ltd.
  • Lucille Ircha, Dassault Falcon Jet
  • Donald Jackson, FlightSafety International
  • April Johnson, Susan C. Friedenberg Corporate Flight Attendant Training
  • Diane Kron, STARK Survival
  • Sharon Krug, FlightSafety International
  • Ana Loucel, FACTS
  • Jill Mawdsley, Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training
  • Jane May, STARK Survival
  • Kimberly Massie, AirCare International
  • Sharon May, AirCare International
  • Jewel Miller, Corporate Aviators Inc./FlightSafety International
  • Cynthia Niedland, FlightSafety International
  • Lynn Noble, FACTS
  • Marilyn Oehler, Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training
  • Lisa Pappas, Survival Systems USA, Inc.
  • Thomas Pickett, FlightSafety International
  • Katherine Rickfelder, The Darden School, University of Virginia
  • Catherine Rioux, FACTS
  • Michael Romans, CAE/SimuFlite
  • Laurel Stafford, FACTS
  • Bridget Stoll, Susan C. Friedenberg Corporate Flight Attendant Training
  • Sofia Saurez, FACTS
  • Denise Towns, Cornerstone Strategies LLC
  • Kristen Turner, MedAire, Inc.
  • Emily Wheeler, FlightSafety International
  • Alexis Wozney, FlightSafety International
  • Diego Yepez, FlightSafety international
  • Carol Sue Zybach, Air Chef

This scholarship is administered by the NBAA Flight Attendants Committee, which exists to assist corporate flight attendants in their roles as crewmembers aboard business aircraft. For more information about the Committee, visit the NBAA web site at

NBAA offers several scholarships to promote professional development and business aviation careers. For more information, visit the NBAA web site at

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