NBAA Announces 2013 Flying Safety Awards Call for Applications

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Washington, DC, January 7, 2013 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) announces its call for applications for the 2013 Flying Safety Awards. Over the decades, these awards have brought worldwide attention to the outstanding business aircraft safety record. Founded in 1953, the esteemed program marks its 60th year in 2013 with the creation of a new award for light business airplane pilots and the introduction of new web-based applications.

History of the Awards Program

The original NBAA Flying Safety Award rewarded safe flying on the basis of miles flown and was referred to as the “Million Miler Award.” As business jet aircraft became prevalent, however, it became apparent that turboprop and piston-powered aircraft crews spent much longer periods of time accumulating award levels in what could be argued as less hospitable altitudes.

The eventual resolution of this problem was to restructure the awards program to base the Flying Safety Awards on flight hours flown over a specific number of years. The number of years varies according to the award type in order to provide continual incentive.

For decades, many NBAA Members in the light business airplane community have flown safely for business with a private pilot certificate, but without a safety award to recognize their achievement. In an effort to recognize safety accomplishments in all forms, starting in 2013, NBAA will for the first time honor private pilots for outstanding safe flying achievement with the new Private Pilot Safety Award.

About the 2013 Awards

The 2013 NBAA Flying Safety Awards will be given for the period from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2012. The categories of awards for which Members may apply are:

Member Company Meritorious Safety Awards – given for accident-free years and hours flown. The three award subcategories are:

  • Corporate Business Flying Safety Award
  • Commercial Business Flying Safety Award

  • Aviation Maintenance Department Safety Award
  • ATP or Commercial Pilot Safety Award (previously known as the Pilot Safety Award) – for accident-free hours flown
  • Private Pilot Safety Award (new in 2013) – for accident-free hours flown
  • Maintenance/Avionics Technician Safety Award – for accident-free years of service to corporate/business flight operations
  • Aviation Support Services Safety Award – for accident-free years of service to corporate/business flight operations

NBAA also annually recognizes eligible companies for safe flying achievement in the following categories:

  • 75 Year Safe Flying Achievement Award
  • 60 Year Safe Flying Achievement Award
  • 50 Year Safe Flying Achievement Award

The Safe Flying Achievement Awards give special recognition to Member Companies that have flown 50, 60 or 75 years or more without an accident. For example, in 2012, NBAA recognized two companies for reaching the safety milestone of flying 60 years or more without an accident – NiSource Inc. and The Procter & Gamble Co. – and two other companies for flying 50 years or more without an accident: Hormel Foods Corporation and Muscatine Corporation.

New Web-Based Applications

For the first time, NBAA is pleased to offer Flying Safety Award applications in a secure, web-optimized format. An NBAA Member website password is required to use the new online applications. Members are invited to take advantage of this convenient online option by visiting the NBAA Flying Safety Awards site.

Applications also are being mailed to Member operators in printed format during the month of January. Regardless of submission method, all applications must be verified and submitted to NBAA by the deadline of March 1, 2013.

The Flying Safety Awards are one of NBAA’s most popular Member benefits. NBAA encourages all eligible operating Member Companies and their employees to apply and gain well-deserved recognition for their outstanding safety records. For more information, visit the NBAA Flying Safety Awards site.

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