NBAA Cheers Decision Welcoming Business Aviation At Scottsdale Airport

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Washington, DC, October 16, 2009 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today commended business aviation community advocates and local city leaders in Scottsdale, AZ, for a decision earlier this week to raise the aircraft weight limit for Scottsdale Airport (SDL) – a move that is expected to attract more business and economic activity to the community.

“We commend the Arizona business aviation community and Scottsdale city officials for working collaboratively on a policy at the airport that that will help Scottsdale attract and keep businesses, and the jobs that come with them,” said Ed Bolen, President and CEO of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

The decision regarding the allowable aircraft weight limit at the airport follows more than a year of advocacy by the Arizona Business Aviation Association (AZBAA).

The City Council’s unanimous vote Tuesday to raise the aircraft weight limit at the airport from 75,000 to 100,000 pounds was hailed by AZBAA President Mike Goode as a vote to “keep the business of multinational companies that use Scottsdale Airport here in Scottsdale. We’re very pleased.”

Goode and AZBAA members mobilized a grassroots campaign to support lifting the aircraft weight limit that included letter-writing, attending meetings and advocating directly with City Council members.

On the day the Council met to vote, almost 40 AZBAA members were in attendance to show their support, Goode said. “We had a diversity of supporters speak on the airport’s behalf: local Scottsdale businesspeople, pilots and others,” he explained.Goode said some companies that had wanted to base their flight operations out of SDL could not because the weight limit restricted the full capability of their aircraft.

NBAA Director of Regional Programs Dan Burkhart said; “The voice of the local business community was critical to this outcome, and is evidence that when our industry mobilizes at the grassroots level, we can effectively tell our story and make an impact on our highest priorities. Congratulations to everyone involved for a job well done.”

Goode thanked Burkhart, adding that showcasing the economic impact of the increase was critical to the industry’s outreach to local city officials, and AZBAA partnered with NBAA and the airport in that effort.

“Ultimately for the Council, this was about the economic impact for the city of Scottsdale,” said Goode. “There are many local businesses that will benefit from companies choosing to be based out of SDL. The boost to tax revenue is also very important. Best of all, this Council’s decision comes at no cost to the city.”

“The Council’s approval of this measure amounts to a win-win for the business aviation community and the city,” Goode concluded. “It means Scottsdale will be able to strengthen its position as an international destination for business, commerce and even tourism. The potential economic benefits from this decision will be lasting, and felt on a global scale.”

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