NBAA Effort Results in Release of MVA/MIA Chart Data Files to Qualified Aviation Interests

Contact: Cassandra Bosco

Washington, DC, April 5, 2004 – After a long-term collaboration with the FAA and other aviation organizations, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is pleased to announce that Minimum Vectoring Altitude/Minimum Instrument Altitude (MVA/MIA) chart data files currently maintained by the National Aeronautical Charting Office (NACO) will be released to qualified aviation interests.

NBAA has sought the release of this data in an effort to develop electronic MVA/MIA advisory information for use on modern flight decks to enhance safety. This effort was led by the NBAA FMS/Charting Subcommittee, headed by Steve Bergner, chief pilot of Cable Air, Liberty, NY, and assisted by Wally Roberts, NBAA’s lead technical consultant on this issue.

Release of these files will be for informational purposes only with no changes in current operations. FAA guidance for controller and pilot actions pertaining to air traffic assigned altitudes used in facility MVA/MIA maps, as outlined in FAA Order 7110.65, will remain in effect.

At this time, the FAA is planning access to NACO data by means of an FAA web address to be provided in the next several weeks. Interested parties wishing to access the web site will be required to contact NACO with their requests. The FAA target date for the first data files to be available on the web is May 31.

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