NBAA Lauds the Nomination of Mineta as Transportation Secretary

Contact: Cassandra Bosco

Washington, DC, January 2, 2001 – “NBAA is delighted to support the nomination of Commerce Secretary Norman Mineta as our next Secretary of Transportation. Norm Mineta is an excellent choice,” said Jack Olcott, NBAA President.

Mineta’s experience as Commerce Secretary and Chairman of the House Committee on Public Works and Transportation, and his service as Chairman of the National Civil Aviation Review Commission, are extraordinary qualifications for the next Transportation Secretary. Perhaps better than anyone, he understands the critical role transportation plays in our economy,” Olcott added.

The choice of a Democrat for this position also is significant, as transportation, and transportation safety, are bipartisan issues,” Olcott said. “We believe that a safe and efficient transportation system is an enabling technology for meeting our nation’s social and economic objectives in the 21st century.

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