NBAA Releases Updated Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide

Washington, DC, July 25, 2011 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has released a new edition of the NBAA Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide, a valuable tool for anyone seeking advice on choosing a Part 135 air charter operator or aircraft charter broker.

The updated guide – available to both NBAA Members and the public – includes additional tips for selecting the right aircraft and operator for a user’s needs. It also offers advice on how to obtain information about international operations, insurance coverage, and operator experience and safety records.

“The guide is for those who realize air charter is a necessary option because the airlines either don’t fly into the airports they need to use or otherwise aren’t a viable option for the trip,” explains Mark Larsen, NBAA project manager, operations & web development. “It helps the consumer come up to speed with what’s involved in chartering an aircraft. It’s about more than just price.”

A significant feature of the NBAA Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide is a series of 30 questions for the customer to ask the operator. These questions are intended to help the user identify the aircraft and mission they need, and to also help select the best options for their flight. Those questions include:

A handy request for proposal form is also included, to help customers record and compare quotes for charter services.

“The guide is valuable to those who are new to using charter aircraft, but it also offers existing customers the chance to examine their charter operators and ask, ‘how are they meeting our expectations?'” Larsen notes. “In an ideal situation, a consumer could use this guide to vet one or more operators ahead of a trip, and have the list of vetted operators available to call when a trip arises.”

The NBAA Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide is available free of charge, in print or PDF formats, through the NBAA Publications Store.

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