NBAA Responds to Biased, Distorted News Coverage of General Aviation

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Washington, DC, September 17, 2009 – As big news outlets and the big airlines took a gratuitous and uninformed slap at general aviation today, The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) issued a statement underscoring the value of all general aviation – including business aviation – to the nation’s citizens, companies and communities.

The following is the letter NBAA issued to the producers, editors and reporters involved in the anti-general aviation article published in today’s edition of USA Today and on today’s broadcast of NBC’s Today show.

Editor – USA Today7950 Jones Branch DriveMcLean, VA

Your recent, one-sided story about small community airports (“Feds Keep Little Used Airports in Business,” Sept. 17) lacks any sense of balance, and presents a gross misperception of the value of general aviation, public-use airports, federal funding of the air transportation system, and the needs of millions of Americans in communities nationwide.

These community airports serve a vital role for towns with little or no airline service by providing transportation lifelines for small to mid-size businesses, schools, universities and other organizations, and serving as regional development engines that generate jobs and economic activity. This “general aviation” activity – which refers to flights other than the airlines or the military – also helps fund the airports’ operation.

Equally important, these facilities are essential for providing air transportation access for postal service, firefighting and disaster relief, medical evacuations, law enforcement, homeland security and military operations, patient and organ transport to emergency centers and other services. 

In fact, Congress has long recognized that the upkeep of a national system of airports is an established national priority. It’s unfortunate that your story ignored these key facts, and failed to explain the many good reasons why investments in community airports provide a tremendous return.

Ed BolenPresident and CEONational Business Aviation Association

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