NBAA Selects ConWal Incorporated to Participate in FAA/Air Carrier Collaborative Decision Making Process

Washington, DC, September 7, 2000 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is pleased to announce that ConWal Incorporated of McLean, VA has been selected to assist NBAA in evaluating how the Association and its Member Companies should formally participate in the ongoing FAA/Air Carrier Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) process.

Collaborative decision making has evolved in recent years between the FAA and the Air Transport Association, and NBAA was invited to participate in the CDM process earlier this year. The CDM process helps the FAA manage the day-to-day operations of the National Airspace System using a suite of automation tools at the Air Traffic Control Systems Command Center, Air Route Traffic Control Centers, Terminal Approach Controls and airline operations centers.

ConWal is a leader in the aviation consulting business and has worked extensively with the FAA on projects such as Free Flight Phase One that are directly related to the CDM process. ConWal will provide a final product, including an implementation and benefits plan, to NBAA by the end of the calendar year.

NBAA represents the aviation interests of over 6,100 companies which own or operate general aviation aircraft as an aid to the conduct of their business, or are involved with business aviation. NBAA Member Companies earn annual revenues approaching $5 trillion — a number that is about half the gross domestic product — and employ more than 19 million people worldwide. The NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention is the world’s largest display of civil aviation products and services.