NBAA to Honor Industry Leader Paul Stinebring With 2010 John Winant Award

Washington, DC – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today announced that Paul Stinebring of Emerson Electric will be honored with the 2010 John Winant Award at the 63rd Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2010) in Atlanta, GA.

“Given Paul’s remarkable contributions to the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), we believe it is entirely appropriate that he is receiving the John Winant Award,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “After all, it was John Winant who more than any other individual is responsible for the creation of IBAC.”

Bolen explained that Stinebring began his service as NBAA’s representative on the Governing Board of IBAC while serving on the Association’s Board of Directors from 1995 to 2005, and continued that service after concluding his tenure on NBAA’s Board of Directors. He will be presented with the award on Tuesday, October 19, at NBAA2010.

Stinebring began his career in Emerson Electric’s flight department in 1974, where he still serves as director, administration and international operations. After serving on NBAA’s Industry Affairs Committee and International Operators Committee, he was first elected to the NBAA Board of Directors in 1995.

During his 12-year tenure on the IBAC Governing Board, he served as chairman from 2003 through 2006; and as vice chairman and chairman of the IBAC International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Standards Board from 2004 to the present. He also served as NBAA’s representative to the IBAC Finance Committee from 2003 through May of this year, when he turned over his responsibilities as NBAA’s representative to IBAC to his alternate, NBAA Director Elizabeth Dornak of DuPont Aviation. Stinebring still serves as her alternate.

“Clearly, Paul embodies the spirit of this award,” Dornak said. “It has been a privilege to serve with Paul on the IBAC Governing Board. Beneath his quiet and humble nature, there is a passion and commitment to NBAA, IBAC and business aviation that is an inspiration.”

Donald D. Spruston, director general of the IBAC in Montreal, called Stinebring “an outstanding selection, as Paul has been a devoted contributor to international operations for many years. Paul’s collaborative spirit, energy, vision and results orientation personify those of John Winant before him; he is an ideal choice for an award named after Winant. It has been a pleasure working with him in the IBAC program.”

The John Winant Award is named in honor of the former NBAA director and long-time president who passed away in 2009. First given at the 62nd Annual Meeting & Convention, the award recognizes former NBAA Board members who, as Winant did, continue to dedicate their time and expertise to promoting business aviation after they have concluded their service as NBAA directors.

“We felt this award would be a fitting tribute to John Winant, who not only served as a resource to all of his successors but also wrote two books on business aviation and NBAA after he retired from the Association,” Bolen said.

Last year, the John Winant Award was presented to Phil Roberts and David Vornholt, two former NBAA directors who have been instrumental in establishing the Ohio Regional Busness Aviation Association, enhancing the visibility of business aviation within the National Aviation Hall of Fame, and bringing business aviation to the attention of Ohio’s university system.