NBAA Welcomes Senate Confirmation of Elaine Chao as DOT Secretary

Contact: Dan Hubbard,

Washington, DC, Jan. 31, 2017 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) commends the United States Senate for confirming Elaine Chao as Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary.

“NBAA congratulates Elaine Chao on her new role in leading the DOT, and we thank the Senate for moving in a timely fashion to consider her nomination, and confirm her as secretary. Investment in transportation infrastructure is a top priority for the administration and Congress, and we look forward to working closely with Secretary Chao on the implementation of a Next Generation aviation system in a way that ensures the U.S. remains the world’s aviation leader today and for decades to come.”

In addition to a focus on infrastructure investments, transportation issues to be considered during this congressional session will be the reauthorization of funding and programs for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). NBAA has long advocated for a long-term FAA reauthorization package that preserves congressional oversight for aviation policy-making, and addresses identified challenges to targeted solutions, in order to ensure that the nation’s aviation system continues to serve all Americans, including those in the small towns and rural areas that rely on general aviation.

President Donald Trump nominated Chao Nov. 29, and she appeared shortly thereafter before a hearing held by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation to consider her nomination.

Chao brings to the DOT post a background in government leadership, including service as Department of Labor Secretary from 2001-2009. Before that, she served as deputy secretary at the DOT, from 1989-1991. Earlier, she served as deputy administrator of the Maritime Administration, then, as chairwoman of the Federal Maritime Commission.