Dec. 13, 2013

Shawnee, KS-based Jackson & Wade, LLC, a law firm specializing in aviation, is NBAA’s newest approved Professional Development Program (PDP) provider.

The firm’s course, “Regulatory Compliance and Documentation,” meets NBAA’s PDP Objective Operations 3, which is to “develop the knowledge and understanding to establish a recordkeeping system to document regulatory compliance and initiate appropriate action.”

Specifically, the course will “give flight department personnel an overview of the various federal and state regulatory requirements facing aircraft owners and operators, and methods for compliance with those requirements,” said Jackson & Wade attorney Lori Edwards-McGee, the course’s organizer and instructor.

“The course will expose students to the major compliance requirements of the DOT [Department of Transportation], FAA [Federal Aviation Administration], IRS [Internal Revenue Service], TSA [Transportation Security Administration], OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration], DOA [Department of Administration] and many other federal and state agencies,” Edwards-McGee explained.

“Students will then work through recordkeeping techniques and best practices, and discuss audit standards and safety management systems. The course culminates in an exercise where students are asked to put that knowledge into practice to address several common scenarios facing flight departments.”

Edwards-McGee said the course builds on Jackson & Wade’s extensive work in business aviation, which includes participating on NBAA committees and in educational sessions at NBAA’s Convention.

“By participating in the NBAA PDP, we have the opportunity to expand our reach and spend more time with each group,” she said. “This will allow us to cover not only the main concepts, but also work with students on implementation and problem solving, which are critical skills in dealing with our complex and often conflicting regulatory environment.”

The one-day course will be taught mainly in classroom settings at major industry events “to give our students the opportunity for added value in stretching limited travel budgets,” Edwards-McGee said. The firm is looking into providing a shorter, online version of the course for Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) continuing education.

With the addition of Jackson & Wade, NBAA now has a total of 24 PDP providers.

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