July 5, 2019

When your day-to-day responsibilities touch on every aspect of business aviation, it’s critical to have a broad perspective of the industry.

Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Scott Ashton knows firsthand about the wide range of decisions aviation executives must make. For Ashton, president and CEO of Corporate Service Supply and Manufacturing, earning his CAM certification has proved an asset in confronting the diverse array of challenges arriving at his desk each day.

“The CAM exam forces you take a comprehensive look at business aviation in its totality,” said Ashton. “As you evolve as a leader, having more familiarity with areas sometimes outside of your comfort zone is extremely valuable.”

A 25-year aviation veteran whose robust resume includes leadership experience in leasing, aircraft management and air charter services, Ashton knows the benefits of seeing a broad cross section of the industry. He points to the rigor and depth of the CAM curriculum as a key value point for industry leaders seeking to enhance their expertise.

“As you move up in your career, you need a broader perspective in terms of the market, management, personnel, dealing with state and regulatory agencies,” he said. “CAM helps prepare you to, if not always be an expert, know enough to ask the right questions of experts in those areas, which as a leader is extremely important.”

Ashton has also found significant value in the reputation benefits CAM certification can offer within the business aviation world.

“Part of the value of any accreditation is the credibility it gives you with the people whom you do business with,” he noted. “The CAM credential instantly signals that you have credibility as a leader in the industry.”

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