Review answers to frequently asked questions about the Six Months to CAM program. If you have additional questions, contact

Does Six Months to CAM guarantee that I’ll pass the CAM Exam?

No. While Six Months to CAM can be an invaluable tool in preparing for the CAM Exam, the individual is ultimately responsible for their own success.

Will my fee be refunded if I don’t pass the exam?

No, but as part of your package you will receive one complimentary retake.

Do I need to take the exam at the end of the six months?

Yes, all candidates will prepare for and take the CAM exam at the end of the six month program. For anyone who needs to retake the exam, a free retake is included.

Will NBAA staff be available for personal assistance?

While staff can provide guidance on the process, they cannot provide information on live examination questions. However, through your Six Months to CAM package, you’ll have access to digital study groups as well as scheduled calls with subject matter experts.

Will NBAA teach us everything we need to know to pass the exam?

While staff can provide guidance on the process, NBAA cannot “teach to the exam” or provide the specific content you need to know to pass the exam. Because NBAA is the organization that developed and manages the CAM exam there are limitations to what NBAA is permitted to do.

When does the program run?

Each Six Months to CAM program runs July 1 through the end of the year. Program content is complete by the end of December but participants have until Jan. 31 to complete their first attempt at the CAM Exam.

When is the application window for the next session?

The application window typically runs mid-April through mid-June.

When registration is not open, a Six Months to CAM interest form will be available, so you can sign up to be notified about the next session. You can also prepare for the next session by counting your CAM application points to ensure you’re above the 100-point threshold.

Can I join a program while it’s in session?

No. Once registration closes for the year, you must wait until the next session to participate.